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Applying for a maritime cadetship with Chiltern Maritime has been made easy using our online cadetship application process.

Following this simple guide will help make sure you have everything you need to begin a career in the merchant navy.

You can now apply for a maritime cadetship using a smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

To see a full list of application requirements make sure to read through our How To Become a Deck Officer Cadet article.

Step One: Discipline of Study

Make sure you know what type of cadetship you’d like to apply for.

Electro-technical Cadetship
Engineering Cadetship
Deck Officer Cadetship

Find out more about the departments in the merchant navy

Step Two: Companies

Familiarise yourself with the companies available for application and make your selection of whom you’d like to apply for by heading over to the cadetship sponsors page.

Step Three: Have to Hand

  • A copy of your CV
  • Your passport number
  • Your national insurance number
  • A copy of your CV
  • A passport photo

Step Four: Apply Now

The application process takes about 3 minutes of your time; please have to hand your personal identification details.

Click “Apply Now” in the top right corner of the Chiltern Maritime website to head over to the application form.

Slide One: Introduce Yourself

In this section of the application form, you will be asked which intake you’d like to apply for and for a small amount of personal information.

Slide Two: Sponsor Application

In this section, you will be asked which sponsoring companies you would like to apply for a cadetship with and which type of discipline you would like to study.

Slide Three: Further Information

In this section of the application form, you will be asked for additional personal details such as your passport number and CV.

Step Four: Wait

Await a response from one of the Chiltern Maritime representatives.

Any Questions?

To ask a question about the maritime cadetship application process make sure to head over to our FAQs section or submit your own question on the contact page.



“My Cadetship with Chiltern was the foundation, introduction and source of skills needed to become a proficient Deck Officer. We all had good support throughout, feedback and encouragement to get as much out of the Cadetship program as possible.” – John Brining | Senior Master | Fleet of Explorer Class Superyachts

 “My Marine Officer Cadetship has exceeded all of my expectations…” – George Frost | Cadet Life

“The knowledge base gained during my cadetship with Chiltern Maritime, together with the wide seafaring and shore-side experience that I have obtained, has allowed me to have an interesting and varied career.” – Emma Tiller | Inspector of Marine Accidents |  MAIB

“It was a great experience and certainly made the hard work worthwhile”. – Matthew Kenney | Cadet Life

“My sea placements have taken me all over the world.” – Tom Ryan | Cadet Life

“Joining the Merchant navy has been the best decision of my life.” – Calum Wright | Cadet Life

“The work was totally varied when in Antarctica…” James Purcell | Cadet Life


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