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Transform Your Future: Start Your Officer Cadetship With Our Help & Guidance

It’s true, enrolling in a Maritime Cadetship could transform your future.

Unlike traditional higher education or other vocational learning, the opportunities now open to you and the experience in getting there have been transformative for generations of Cadets before you, who are now working at sea or shore side as Officers throughout the UK and Worldwide. Once you have received your merchant navy officer qualifications, you can also receive discounts across any of our family companies.

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Here Are 5 Reasons Why A Cadetship Could Be A Brilliant Choice...

#1. It Pays

Not only are your fees paid, you earn whilst you study.

Cadets tell us today how grateful they are to have graduated with little or no debt as they embark on their career.

Each Cadetship is sponsored, meaning your studies and living expenses are paid through a bursary AND whilst you are at sea on placements you are still receiving income.

#2. Experience

Our graduates are amongst the most sought after graduate officers.

In a world which is changing at an ever faster pace, having a wide range of experience to enhance your choice and appeal to recruiting companies, upon graduation, can be invaluable.

#3. Your Success

Did you know an industry beating 85% of our Cadet’s graduate?

That is because we ensure each cadet is placed upon the right course for them. We do everything possible to ensure their at sea placement is as fulfilling, enjoyable and insightful as possible.

#4. Diversity

Cadetships are open to anyone over 18.

No matter your background or previous experience you can apply for a Cadetship with the full knowledge that you will be supported and helped along the way.

#5. Variety

We offer sea placements on a variety of vessels.

Cadets uniquely see between 8-12 months at sea on a variety of vessels, from cruise liners, container ships, and Offshore supply, where you can learn from experienced crews on voyages from port to port around the world.