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Supporting Cadetship sponsors for over 30 years.

The leading Cadetship provider in the industry…

Over 85% of our Cadets progress to graduate and with the most extensive and varied at sea experience. It is not our reputation for success which gives us the greatest pride, it is that our graduates are so respected and sought after.

What all those years of experience has proven is that our high level of training and support gives our cadets the greatest scope of career opportunities whether at sea or shoreside.

Trusted by our sponsors, we aim to ensure each Cadet has everything they need for a strong future, whether returning to their sponsor or on their chosen path.

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Our Scope

Today we assist in providing Cadetships for over 350 Officer Trainees in association with our prestigious client base.

  • Whether a scholarship, sponsored or self-funded cadetship we uniquely offer at least 2 different ship types.
  • Each Cadet will spend between 8-12 months at sea
  • We offer a close mentorship to each cadet whether studying or at sea ensuring they are happy, motivated and progressing well.

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