Quality Policy

The company is dedicated to the quality policy which will ensure that its activities in respect of the provision of Officer Trainee training for the merchant navy fully meets the requirements of its customers at all times. The goal of Chiltern Maritime is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Commitment to the implementation of supporting managerial and operational systems is essential to realising that goal.

The Quality Policy is based on the following goals, against which Objectives and improvement initiatives shall be set to drive continual improvement:

1. The definition of quality as conforming to requirements, having identified very carefully the needs of our Clients, Officer Trainees and our own systems.

2. The quality management system concentrates on prevention, looking at our service provision processes, identifying the potential for errors and taking the necessary action to eliminate them.

3. The quality of service provision is based on the principle of everyone understanding how to do their job to the standard required, and doing it right first time.

4. To satisfy applicable requirements and strive for continual improvement in the quality of service provided, Objectives will be set and monitored, as a minimum, through Management Review, to ensure this is achieved.

5. To review MLC 2006 and other legal and regulatory requirements relevant to the scope of business and to ensure that we comply.

To ensure that the policy is successfully implemented, staff will be responsible for identifying Client and Officer Trainee requirements and for ensuring that correct procedures are adhered to in order to meet the requirements.

Initiatives needed to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met will be set, determined and monitored at Management Review.

The Quality Policy principles and related objectives will be communicated and available to staff at all times. The Policy is also available to external interested parties via the company website.

Training will be an integral part of the strategy to achieve objectives