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Training consist of alternative college and sea phases lasting approximately 3 years.

The table below shows how the course is structures for all disciplines.

Phase Location Plan
Phase 1 College General induction to the shipping industry, commence academic studies and STCW Basic Training.
Phase 2 At Sea Commence ship based training and progress MNTB Training Record Book.
Phase 3 College Continue academic studies and ancillary short courses.
Phase 4 At-Sea Complete ship based training and MNTB Training Record Book.
Phase 5 (Stage 1) College Consolidation of work based learning and academic studies, prior to award of Foundation Degree or HND in Marine Operations / Marine Engineering / Marine Electrical Engineering.
Phase 5 (Stage 2) College STCW Advanced Training, successful completion of MCA oral examination leading to MCA Certificate of Competency.

Warsash Maritime Academy

Warsash Maritime Academy provides first class education, training, research and commercial services to all maritime sectors worldwide.

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Fleetwood Nautical Campus

Regarded as one of the UK's top nautical institutions, the Fleetwood Nautical Campus offers top-quality further and higher education. Click here to view a Virtual Tour of Fleetwood Nautical Campus.

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City Of Glasgow College

The specialist training and state-of-the-art equipment provide you with the skills and confidence you need for a career at sea.

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South Tyneside College

Offering courses in marine education such as navigation, operations, mechanical and electrical engineering, communications, and catering.

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Plymouth University

Plymouth University has a rich maritime history that underpins their very strong reputation in this area.

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Liverpool John Moores University

The Department of Maritime and Mechanical Engineering is one of the UK’s leading centres for maritime and engineering education.

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