5 Reasons To Choose An Engineering Cadetship

5 Reasons To Choose An Engineering Cadetship / 07.04.2019

5 Reasons To Choose An Engineering Cadetship

Chiltern Maritime offers a comprehensive Engineering Cadetship that will be fully sponsored by a maritime charity or commercial maritime company and includes your three-year course study, sea placements, mentoring and your final qualification. Graduation from this course will provide you not only with formal education but also with the practical experience at sea that you need to pursue your engineering career either at sea or shore-side.

Why choose a Cadetship over college or university?

Earn While You Learn

All of our cadetships are fully sponsored by maritime companies and charities, so you won’t graduate with any student debt through our courses. This is a vast difference to going to college and university where you end up entering employment with thousands of pounds worth of debt to pay off before you even start earning. Chiltern’s cadetship will allow you to avoid this and also earn an income whilst you’re out on your sea placement because our cadets are valuable assets and we reward the hard work you put in.

Travel The World in a Unique Way 

Cadet LifeJames Purcell

Our sea placements are spread all across the world. There’s plenty of experience diaries in our Cadet Life section, but to give you an idea of the experiences waiting for you: Chiltern cadets have sailed around the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and even Antarctica. Your crew will often permit you to go ashore at the ports your placement ship stops in so you’ll get the chance to see beautiful destinations across the globe, but with special insider insight into the workings of the harbors as a member of a crew.

Higher Education, the Practical Way 

Cadet LifeRebecca Smith

If the standard route of college and University doesn’t suit you, Chiltern cadetships can offer a degree level qualification but with a far more practical and tangible approach. You will still receive an academic education during the college phases of your cadetship, but this will be hands-on and prepare you for the real world experience your sea placements will give you. To keep your skills sharp and ensure you see results throughout, your placements will be spread between the college phases too, so you have a variety in how you learn.

Open to Everyone

Cadet LifeEllen Watson

Higher Education can sometimes seem unattainable due to the massive expense that comes with it, and so many feel it isn’t a good fit for them. Our cadetships, however, are fully funded and can be applied for from age 18; fostering a diverse and open group of cadets that are welcomed. You will work with a mixed group of people that can offer new experiences and information that will greatly benefit you as you head out into the world and meet people from all walks of life every day.

High Success Rates

When investing time and effort into your future, you, of course, want to be as secure in your prospect of success as you can be. Chiltern assures you that you will be guided and assisted through your cadetship and are always able to have your questions answered so you have the opportunity to learn all you can on the correct course for you. The overwhelming success of this is reflected in our graduation stats, as 85% of our cadets graduating from the course. This is a huge success rate, far above the graduation rate of university students which tends to be around 60%. This shows that if you choose a Chiltern cadetship pathway into your career then you are putting your future in good hands and we will do everything we can to help you succeed.

These are just some of the reasons to consider a Chiltern Engineering cadetship as your next step towards an invigorating career. 

If you are interested in joining the merchant navy, Chiltern Maritime has made the application process easier than ever, simply head over to our application portal and apply for a cadetship online.  

The greatest benefit of a career at sea is that no other industry will give you that grounding in hands on practical skills and management. In any one day you could be stripping down equipment and the next minute you are dealing with a multi-million pound budget and figuring out how best to spend it. All of this while hundreds of miles from land and nobody to help, except the team on board. These type of skills are not that common, are in demand and something that is readily transferable to other industries. Look on being at sea as part of your development. Some will be at sea for their entire life, some for only short periods. All however, have a set of valuable skills that can’t be gained elsewhere.”
Kevin Moran CEng MBA
Managing Director Tymor Marine Limited.

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