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How old do you have to be to apply for a Cadetship?

Becoming a cadet opens the doors to a successful career in the Merchant Navy. If you're interested in a career at sea, managing everything from navigation to cargo loading and...

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What are the Requirements for a Deck Cadet?

Thinking of signing up for a cadetship and want to know what the requirements are for a Deck Cadet? Becoming a Deck Cadet is the first step in a long and...

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Which Qualifications Do I Need to Get into the Merchant Navy?

Want to pursue a career at sea but unsure which qualifications you need to join the Merchant Navy? The Merchant Navy is a brilliant career option for people seeking an...

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What is the Difference Between the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy?

Read a history book about the British Isles, and you'll hear about the remarkable exploits of the Royal Navy. From Trafalgar to the Battle of Jutland, the Royal Navy was...

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Exploring Your Options: Learn About the Different Types of Maritime Cadetships in the UK Merchant Navy

As the leading provider of Merchant Navy Officer Cadetships in the UK, Chiltern Maritime is here to help you navigate the different types of maritime cadetships available to you and...

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