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Important updates & behind the scenes insights from Chiltern and the Viking Maritime Group

Exploring Entry Level Positions in the Merchant Navy | Answering Your Questions

The Merchant Navy offers life-changing experiences for people seeking adventure, challenge, opportunity, discipline - and ways to bring truly positive change into the world. At Chiltern Maritime - as we...

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Navigating Career Waves: Exploring Sea Placements with Chiltern Maritime

Embarking on a career at sea is thrilling, and Chiltern Maritime's sea placements offer a unique blend of adventure, challenges, and professional growth.  Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the...

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Viking Maritime Group Celebrates National Careers Week 2024

This week is National Careers Week (4th-9th March), and to celebrate, we interviewed members of staff at Viking Maritime Group who have worked at sea, to discuss the exciting opportunities a career at sea...

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How old do you have to be to apply for a Cadetship?

Becoming a cadet opens the doors to a successful career in the Merchant Navy. If you're interested in a career at sea, managing everything from navigation to cargo loading and...

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What are the Requirements for a Deck Cadet?

Thinking of signing up for a cadetship and want to know what the requirements are for a Deck Cadet? Becoming a Deck Cadet is the first step in a long and...

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