Exploring Entry Level Positions in the Merchant Navy | Answering Your Questions

Exploring Entry Level Positions in the Merchant Navy | Answering Your Questions - 06/06/2024

The Merchant Navy offers life-changing experiences for people seeking adventure, challenge, opportunity, discipline – and ways to bring truly positive change into the world.

At Chiltern Maritime – as we begin the next round of intake for our Merchant Navy Maritime Cadetships in September 2024 – we’re answering all the questions you might have when it comes to entry level positions within the Merchant Navy.

As we head into summer 2024, many young people, including school leavers, are beginning to make important decisions about the direction their lives will take in the coming years.

For those considering a career in the Merchant Navy, now is the right time to begin thorough research and discover the fantastic opportunities available within the maritime industry.

As the provider of the UK’s ‘Top Ranked Merchant Navy Cadetships’, one of the main questions Chiltern Maritime gets asked is: “How do I begin on my Merchant Navy journey?”

We know that our prospective cadets are often highly motivated, very eager, and extremely adventurous. Still, some might be uncertain about where to start and what might be asked of them when applying for entry level positions in the Merchant Navy.

In this article, we’ll walk through exactly what is involved in an entry level position (as well as take a look at how these positions often lead to our cadets climbing higher on the career ladder).

Here’s what you need to know:

Casting Off: Entry Level Positions in the Merchant Navy and How You Can Get Started

The good news is, if you’re eager to get your start in the Merchant Navy, you can apply for a wide range of roles right away.

Chiltern Maritime’s intake for our next round of cadets remains open until the 31st of July 2024, meaning now is the time to take action if you are considering a career in the Merchant Navy.

Unlike other areas of higher education, our entry level positions offer rewarding paid opportunities for cadets. These opportunities involve life-changing adventures and challenges that help you gain the skills you need to advance your career.

We pride ourselves on educating and instructing our cadets, giving them the confidence and independence to gain the experience needed to succeed. This is why we have an extremely high success rate, with as many as 90% of our intake passing their cadetships.

Typically, cadets spend between 8-12 months at sea on a variety of vessels, from cruise liners, container ships, and offshore supply vessels, where they can learn from experienced crew on voyages around the world.

Who Can Apply For an Entry Level Position as Part of Chiltern’s Maritime Cadetship Programme?

Chiltern Maritime helps mould people from all walks of life into experienced Merchant Navy cadets. There are plenty of roles for those with experience and those without; typically, cadetships offer Deck Officer, Marine Engineering Officer, and Electro-Technical Officer roles.

To qualify for a UK-Funded Cadetship you must be 17 and a half years old and have lived in the UK for more than 12 months. Alternatively, we accept applications globally through our Non-UK Cadetship scheme; we are proud of the diverse cadets we have helped train over the years.

Our cadets are highly sought-after graduates, boasting a wide range of experience to enhance career opportunities and employability – both within the maritime world and outside of it.

Higher Career Opportunities On The High Seas

One of the most exciting aspects of starting from an entry level position in the Merchant Navy is that our cadets rise through the ranks as they gain experience, learn new skills, and grapple with the challenges of marine life.

Whether your entry level position is as a Deck Officer, a Marine Engineering Officer, or an Electro-Technical Officer, our cadets often tell us that it’s not where they started that matters to them; it’s where they plan on ending up as they take on the many opportunities available to help them climb their career ladder.

That’s all before mentioning that our prestigious cadetship programme is globally significant and helps individuals play their part in shaping the future of the maritime industry worldwide.

Entry Level Positions Merchant Navy Chiltern Maritime Cadetship

Where Can I Apply For an Entry Level Position in the Merchant Navy?

To all those eager to embark on their cadetship journey, you can find the full details of our Chiltern Maritime Cadetship programmes here, ready to apply before the 31st of July, in time for the September 2024 intake

Or, if you want to learn more about what a life at sea can bring, read testimonials from our cadets here.

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