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Maritime Engineering Degree: An Alternative to Traditional University

Traditional University doesn’t suit everyone; and if practical, hands-on education combined with real experience out at Sea sounds better to you than lecture theatres and libraries, then a Maritime Engineering...

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Becoming an ETO – Joining the Merchant Navy Electrotechnical Department

Joining the Merchant Navy is the start of an exciting and rewarding career, but before you apply it is crucial that you have a firm understanding of the different departments...

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Becoming a Merchant Navy Engineer – Joining the Merchant Navy Engineering Department

A career at Sea is an exciting way to get to travel the world whilst working, and becoming an engineer in the merchant navy is a fantastic route to get the...

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Becoming a Deck Officer – Joining the Merchant Navy Deck Department

When considering joining the merchant navy, it is important to have a firm understanding of the departments, hierarchical structure and respective ranks aboard commercial vessels. Many jobs at sea are regulated...

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How to Become a Marine Engineer

The good news for those looking to train and become a marine engineer is there is no shortage of opportunities to join the maritime industry as an engineer. There is one...

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