Maritime Engineering Degree: An Alternative to Traditional University

Maritime Engineering Degree: An Alternative to Traditional University / 06.17.2020

Traditional University doesn’t suit everyone; and if practical, hands-on education combined with real experience out at Sea sounds better to you than lecture theatres and libraries, then a Maritime Engineering Degree could be the perfect fit for you.

Why Apply for a Maritime Engineering Degree?

Applying for a Maritime Engineering Degree is the first step towards your career at Sea, and it’s a fantastic alternative to University where you can learn. At the same time, you travel and work- and get sponsorships to do so- avoiding student loans.

Over three years, you will spend time in a college learning through hands-on tutoring and spend time aboard different vessels training on the job. Once you graduate, you will not only have a qualification but a real job experience.

Career Prospects

Gaining a Maritime Engineering Degree will leave you with invaluable skills that can apply to jobs remaining at Sea or coming ashore. In day to day training and work, you will learn to be hands-on, flexible, decisive and able to lead and be apart of a team. Through your time at college, you will also gain the same time-management and organisation skills that typically come with University experience- so learning your skills working at Sea will prepare you for almost any career route.

Within Maritime Engineering, you can raise through the ranks to Chief Engineer, but you can also find jobs in other fields both in and outside of the Maritime Industry. For instance, many of our own graduates have gone on to work ashore for Ferry and Superyacht companies, as well as in the Oil Industry, and some have used the discipline and drive learned in their cadetship with us to start their own businesses.

What are the Maritime Cadetships?

Maritime cadetships are a training programme that integrates practical education and at-sea experience to endure cadets graduate from their training with not only their qualifications but real skills to see them through their careers. They are open to anyone over the age of 18- no experience required.

Typically completed over three years, you will spend time in classrooms and on different placements experiencing life aboard a variety of vessels- working while you learn, and sponsors will fund your training so you can get paid as you go.

Who are Chiltern Maritime?

At Chiltern, we aim to provide high-quality and personalised training opportunities to Maritime cadets, delivering skilled and enthusiastic individuals into the Merchant Navy. Our industry-beating 85% of our cadets graduating shows our dedication and our success- so your new career is safe with us.

Apply now for an engineering cadetship now to start your journey to a rewarding and exciting career- no University required.

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