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Zodiac Maritime - 14/09/2018

Introducing one of our newest Maritime Cadetship sponsorsZodiac Maritime.

If you are a prospective officer cadet looking for a deck or engineering sponsorship that offers brilliant post-graduation employability, variety, travel and highly sought after vessel endorsements, a Zodiac Maritime sponsorship is well worth applying for.

I am emailing you because I wanted to say that I really enjoyed my time on the Zodiac ship, M/V Donington. All of the crew were very friendly and helpful, especially the Chief Mate, who I was on watch with for most of the contract.
I successfully completed all the first ship parts of my TRB.  Incidentally, the chefs on board were more than happy to make vegetarian food!
Thanks for encouraging me to try going with Zodiac.

Zodiac Maritime is an international ship management company, headquartered in London with representative offices in Shanghai, Tokyo and Mumbai.

Over the last few years, Zodiac Maritime has placed even greater focus and value on its Officer Cadetship programme.  They say, “with a large and diverse fleet operating worldwide we can offer you a rewarding career. We have an active cadet programme and can offer a clear and personal career development programme and provide additional training courses such as navigation and safety courses, personal workshops and training on board, at local manning offices and in London.”

A cadetship with Zodiac Maritime offers the prospect of experience on a significantly varied range of vessel types.  The company currently specialises in the management of VLOCs, Capesize, Panamax, Handymax and Handysize Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Crude Tankers, Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers, LPG Tankers and Pure Car (Truck) Carriers.

Speaking to an audience of prospective cadets recently, Don Millar, Operations Director at Chiltern Maritime, said in response to a question about variety of experience at sea, “For those that find the prospect of a brilliant hands-on experience and visiting dozens of exotic or exciting ports around the world, Zodiac Maritime is a brilliant and highly organised company to apply to.  Over recent years, we have had some superb feedback from graduating cadets.  In many cases, there are a number of cadets on each vessel, meaning there is a great sense of camaraderie…and a buddy!   The experience you will gain is second-to-none and this will stand you in great stead, either in returning to work for the company or in applying for other officer positions throughout your career. For instance, having a tanker or LNG/LPG endorsement on your certificate has proven to really improve cadets’ employability and opens the door to greater opportunities and diversity in their career.”

So far so good on Hyundai Splendor.  For the first month I was on watch with 3/O carrying out maintenance of LSA’s and FFA’s and helping on the bridge during manoeuvring.

The officers on board are all keen for me to learn and with 3/O and C/O having trained in the UK there is a much better understanding of the TRB compared to previous vessels. I am now on watch with 2/O which means I can focus on a different area of my TRB and overall I am still making steady progress.

As it stands, I am considering the idea of remaining on board until December, if possible. Yesterday the vessel received an email informing us that we may do a trip to South America commencing on 03/09 and because the vessel is due to go to dry dock next year there have been suggestions that preparations for this may begin after South America. If this is true, It would be very good for my training and I would probably get very close to completing my TRB on this vessel.

To find out more about what to expect from our cadetship opportunities, make sure to see the latest edition of Cadet Life available on our website.


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