Bethany Wilkinson

My adventure began At Fleetwood Nautical College

Bethany Wilkinson / 11.20.2020

My adventure began At Fleetwood Nautical College during an open day. I had already done some research about changing my career to one that took me to sea. The wide variety of opportunities appealed to me as well as the prospect of different everyday challenges travels to faraway places and the variety of people that would be met along the way.

After looking at a few different companies offering cadetships, I eventually decided and spoke to Trinity House and Chiltern Maritime and agreed to meet them at the open day in Fleetwood for an interview. The cadetship offered by Trinity/Chiltern seemed to suit me perfectly due to the number of different vessels they could send you on as a part of the cadetship. Perfect for someone like me who had not yet chosen the type of vessel I wanted to work on.

My interview was successful and before long I found myself returning to Fleetwood Nautical college, this time as a cadet, about to embark on one of the biggest life-changing experiences of my life.

I took the HND route which takes just over three years. In that time, I found myself on a variety of vessels in all sorts of locations, from ferries in the south coast/channel Islands to cruise ships in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. I went on a Buoy Tender vessel with Trinity House and even found myself onboard a brand new, Royal Navy Offshore patrol vessel as the first merchant navy cadet to get accredited sea time on a royal navy vessel.

Each vessel provided new learning opportunities and experiences, which now qualified, I strongly believe each one had a huge impact on the officer I have developed into today and assisted me in both day to day work as a Deck Officer and with problem-solving.


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